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Increase Profitability
Increase Profitability

Better control of cost items like fuel, labour, maintenance, delay times and equipment utilization leads to a much stronger bottom line.

Improve Safety
Improve Safety

By better managing speed, hours of service, aggressive braking and equipment care, companies will invariably see an improvement in safety performance.

Enhance Customer Service
Enhance Customer Service

Having the ability to share information with customers on cycle times, delivery performance and business cost helps build high quality, trusting customer relationships.

Maximize Asset Utilization
Maximize Asset Utilization

Through asset tracking, route management, better maintenance and optimized dispatching, companies are able to get the most out of their fleet and minimize expenditures on capital cost.

  • Business Intelligence

    Give you the ability to do real-time analysis and business intelligence analysis.

  • Fleet Management

    Maximize fleet utilization and minimize asset cost.

  • Optimize Dispatching

    Improve dispatching by providing real time communication, real time location and trip analysis.

  • Decision Support

    Support decision making with real time operational information and business intelligence tools.

Streamline provides professional services to companies to help integrate mobile technologies with the broader corporate infrastructure.

Start QuoteThe Navistream OBC has allowed our management team to push the boundaries that once hindered the productivity of our business. The OBC has allowed our team to analyze more data with less resources, increase collaboration both internally and externally, increase communication with our driving force and most importantly, provide a better customer experience and response time.End Quote

- Steve Gayfer

Regional Manager Trucking Arrow Transportation

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