Identify and correct unsafe driving behaviours before any accidents occur.

Navistream on-board fleet tracking device gives you a clear idea of your workforce behaviours and your vehicle locations at all times. You can rest assured your fleet is performing under optimal safety conditions, giving customers peace of mind as well.

Accident Prevention

Navistream records undesired driving patterns including speed violations, extensive idling, harsh braking, and excessive RPM. This can aid in reducing risk of accidents, vehicle damage as well as costs associated with unnecessary traffic violations. With Navistream speed violations dashboard, you can know the exact driving speed of your vehicles when drivers exceed the speed limit, helping you run a safer fleet.


  • Creating a set of performance rules to be informed when thresholds are violated
  • Collecting second-by-second driver behaviour data
  • Detecting risky driving habits
  • Reviewing driver performance against safety benchmarks and tracking progress


  • Keeping drivers safe
  • Improving fleet security
  • Reducing costs related to accidents and maintenance
  • Lowering loss ratios
  • Increasing driver performance
  • Making insurers and trucking companies more profitable

Driver Safety Improvement

In addition to ensuring drivers do not feel tired, Navistream reviews their behaviour on the road to improve their safety at all times. The technology gives drivers a score that reflects their driving performances and encourages them to drive safely. Drivers who feel safer are also more efficient, which benefits your company’s image, increases profits, and improves your customer satisfaction.


  • Providing deep insights into critical events
  • Creating scorecards to rate each driver and implementing reward programs for positive performance
  • Showing drivers their score in real-time as it goes up or down
  • Providing a range of safety metrics and identifying problematic behaviour patterns
  • Reconstructing accidents and incidents
  • Measuring each driver up with benchmarks and other drivers
  • Getting the backup you need for your insurance provider


  • Addressing risky driving practices
  • Turning driver safety into something fun and engaging
  • Helping drivers understand how they can improve their driving habits
  • Giving managers a clear picture of the way drivers handle their vehicles
  • Accelerating fleet performance improvement
  • Improving your national safety code (NSC)
  • Reducing insurance premiums
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